Butterfly Sensory Pendant

Butterfly Sensory Pendant

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These butterfly pendants are simply yet adorable. Our chews not only divert chewing, but provide a focal point which can help kids filter out excess sensory information. This can help children with self-regulation and encourage calm and focus. 

Our silicone chewable tools can be beneficial for children with ADHD, anxiety, autism or sensory processing disorders. 

As a chewable, tuggable, and durable item to wear and love. It gives the wearer a feeling of dressing up and being stylish while easing your fears about safety. These unisex necklaces are safe, fun, and practical jewelry!

Promotes attention and focus: Our chews provide a calming and focusing response, which can improve self-regulation, is ideal for children who tend to chew on items when seeking increased oral sensory input.

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