Sell to us!

We are here to purchase or consign your new or lightly worn/used baby and children's clothing and gear! Any items that are individually priced at Simply Kids for $29.99 or under will be paid out in up front store credit. This would include clothing, shoes, smaller toys, misc. baby items, etc. Items priced $30.00 or more would be in on consignment and once they are sold the consignor would get a percentage of selling price in cash. Things like swings, strollers, jumparoos, etc. generally fall into this category.

We have a very small storage/processing area so we have the following guidelines in place to make sure we can get your items processed and paid quickly.  We pride ourselves on getting your offer to you within 10 business days.

Here is how it works:

1.  Please always check our website or Facebook weekly to see what items we are in need of or are not currently accepting.

2. CLOTHING is limited to 1 - 13 gallon garbage bag per month. Clothing must be freshly laundered, free of any stains or excessive wear and of current style.  They must be turned the right way, folded or flat layed, any outfits or PJ sets need to be placed together as well.


3.  Clothing must be brought in in a 13 Gallon kitchen bag or smaller. We will not accept items in boxes or totes.  Bags must be completely closed and not ripped. If they are overstuffed we will not accept them.

4. Please presort your items and make sure everything is floor ready.  If we start going thru your bag and find more than 5 stained or dirty items within the first 20 we will close the bag and return it to you.

5.  Other items (shoes, gear, large items, toys etc.) may be dropped off on any day we are open.  These items MUST be clean, not missing any pieces or have any damage and not have any recalls issued on them.  If they require batteries they must be brought in with working batteries so we can test them.  PLEASE CALL OR CHECK OUR WEBSITE/FACEBOOK BEFORE BRINGING YOUR ITEMS IN TO VERIFY ITEMS WE ARE ACCEPTING.

6.  Items that we intend to sell for higher than $30 will be placed on consignment and you will be paid 60% of what the item is sold for in cash.  We will keep the item for 90 days and if it doesn't sell it will be returned to you.  

7.  We can accept off season clothing and shoes but because we will have to store them for several months we will reduce our cash offer accordingly to cover storage costs.